Credit Repair For Bad Credit; Solving The Problem

Credit Repair For Bad Credit; Solving The Problem

Credit Repair For Bad Credit; Solving The Problem – It is possible to fix your bad credit, with time, patience and determination. The first step in repairing poor credit is fixing any problems you may have with money. 

Here are some useful tips for you!

1) Get credit reports on yourself and check out what’s on it. To get yours free go to You are allowed by U.S. law to get a free copy from each of the three major credit companies once every 12 months.

2) Once you have your credit reports, check them for accuracy. If there are any errors or things you disagree with, you are entiltled by the Fair Credit Reporting Act law to dispute anything in the report that is not accurate. Write to the credit reporting company and explain what the problems are. They will then investigate the matter and let you know what happens. 

If they find the information is not accurate, they will fix that on your credit report.

I have helped tens of thousands of clients remove inaccurate or erroneous information from their credit reports and incre

ase their credit scores in as little as 45-90 days! You can find out more information on my services HERE.

3) If your credit needs repair, start work on it now. Start paying off old unpaid debts and loans, starting with the smallest ones.

4) Start paying more than the minimum payment on your current credit card payments.

5) Do not get into any new debt. This is essential. Make it a priority to get out of debt. Cut up (or lock up) the credit cards, if they are a problem for you. Make it a commitment to become debt free.

6) Live within your means. Make a budget and live by it.

7) Start saving money. If you have poor credit, it is much easier to buy a home or a car with a cash down payment, than without one.

There are many sources of help available. Credit Repair Titan is one of the best for credit repair for bad credit and getting debt under control. Their website is located at Credit Repair Titan Service provides credit repair, budgeting, credit monitoring, savings goals, Identity monitoring, debt payoff, and much more. 

There are many “for profit” organizations that will help you with debt consolidation loans, but beware! They often are very expensive. You can get free reliable help that you can trust from a non-profit organization like Consumer Credit Counseling Service instead of paying hundreds of dollars to one of them. Or, you can educate yourself and do it for free.

Some other good places to go online for more credit and financial advice are listed on my website at

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